Waxing Classes in San Diego

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waxing classes in San Diego

For a hands-on, comprehensive course in waxing techniques and products, consider enrolling in a waxing class in San Diego. You’ll learn about the Wax Haus Method(r), a proven training system that targets student strengths and challenges to maximize results. This hands-on program prepares students to become highly skilled and sought-after wax professionals.

OPT For A Self-paced Course

These courses are typically self-paced and last between 20 and 30 hours. The cost varies from $289 to $300, but depends on the institute and the instructor’s experience. In general, you’ll pay around two-thirds of that amount if you opt for a self-paced course.

Aside from teaching you the fundamentals of hair removal techniques, waxing classes in San Diego also provide training on women’s body waxes and Brazilian waxing. The latter is arguably the most popular form of hair removal today, and it is also one of the least painful and leaves clients feeling more in tune with their bodies.