Titleist Pro V1 Compression Golf Balls

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Whether you’re a novice or an advanced player, the Titleist Pro V1 has a feel and performance that is second to none. It is the most used golf ball on tour and is widely considered the #1 golf ball in the industry. The spherically tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design of the Pro V1 golf ball provides a consistent penetrating ball flight. It has enough spin to stop on greens, and provides a smooth, responsive feel.

Are Kirkland golf balls the same as Pro V1?

The pro v1 compression is designed for all swing speeds, promoting consistent penetrating ball flight and maximum distance. The ball is perfect for all match setups.

While the Pro V1 is the most popular ball on tour, the Pro V1X is also available. The Pro V1X golf ball is slightly firmer than the Pro V1 golf ball, but has the same number of dimples. This helps increase spin on mid-irons and provides a higher trajectory. The ball also comes with an enhanced alignment aid.

The Pro V1x golf ball is designed for fast swing speeds, and produces high wedge and low-mid driver spin. It also has a low flight and can be used on windy days. It is also available in yellow and white.

The Pro V1 golf ball is made of a high-caliber cover, providing a smooth, responsive feel. The ball also features a 4CE grafted covering to give the ball the perfect blend of feel and performance. The urethane elastomer material provides more control in short games.