How the Kettlebell Swing Benefits Abs

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kettlebell swing benefits abs

The kettlebell swing is one of the most popular and versatile strength training exercises on the planet. It works nearly every muscle group in the body, is great for your heart health and can burn a ton of calories. It’s no wonder it’s been used for years by MMA and wrestlers to build fight-specific endurance. Read more kettlebell swing benefits abs –

The hip hinge movement in the kettlebell swing engages your ab muscles, but it’s important to do the exercise correctly so you don’t end up putting too much stress on your lower back. This is why squeezing your glutes at the top of each rep is important. It ensures that your upper and lower back remain in a rigid, stable position against the ballistic forces of the swing.

Strong and Sculpted: The Amazing Benefits of Kettlebell Swings for Abs

To do the kettlebell swing correctly, start with a lighter weight (around 3 or 4 kg). Hold it in your right hand and push your hips back and slightly bend your knees to lift it off the ground. During the lowering phase you want to be sure that your free arm follows the working arm and stays above the kettlebell in the float position. Slowly and with control, drop the kettlebell to your feet. That’s one rep. Repeat with the opposite side.

To increase the intensity of your kettlebell swing workout and really burn some calories, add in some high-rep sets for timed intervals. Set a timer for a minute or two and see how many kettlebell swings you can do in that period before taking your rest. Then, perform another round and try to beat your time again.