Caster City is a leading supplier of industrial casters, wheels, and accessories for commercial and institutional applications. Its product line includes stainless steel, pneumatic, and phenolic casters. Their customer service is geared towards helping you find the right caster for your needs. Their expert staff can assist you with any questions you have about casters or their various uses.

How do you secure casters to wood?

Caster City also offers a range of stem casters that are designed to fit many different wire shelving systems. These are considered universal replacements for wire racking casters and wire post shelving systems. Each stem caster is designed to fit the inner diameter of the leg of most wire shelving systems. They are designed to snap into wire shelving legs for a smooth, effortless mobility.

Other caster brands include American Caster and Colson Caster. These companies specialize in supplying custom-made casters as well as standard casters made in the U.S.A. Among the companies that stock casters, Colson Caster is the most trusted name in caster wheels. They have several locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as a webstore.

When purchasing casters, you should consider the cost of maintenance. The most significant expense is bearings, but there are other factors that need to be considered as well. If casters are poorly maintained, they can drain profits. Moreover, easier-to-roll wheels can reduce employee fatigue, prevent accidents, and increase productivity.